Google lied to U.S. Government for Apps security

April 13th, 2011 by xtoyadmin

April 13 morning news, Microsoft said Google had lied to U.S. government for the security of Google Apps government version. This allegation has been confirmed by U.S. government departments.

Google and Microsoft, the dispute centers around FISMA security certification, U.S. government contracts in need of this certification. Google insisted that the government version of Google Apps has completed FISMA certification, but Microsoft took out a document showing that the U.S. Justice Department that the application did not complete certification.

Google explained this, the U.S. Justice Department just concerned about some technical details. Google noted that the Premier Edition Google Apps got the certification by the U.S. General Services Administration, the Government version Google Apps did not yet exist. The Government version Google Apps is only part of Premier Edition Google Apps, and more secure. Therefore, Google thought the previous version of Google Apps has included certification for government version Google Apps.

However, the U.S. General Services Administration did not accept Google’s point of view. In the United States Senate hearing on Tuesday, the U.S. General Services Administration related personnel said the certification of the Premier Edition Google Apps did not include Google Apps on the Government’s certification, the U.S. Department of Justice held the same view.

Google had accused the Department of the Interior selected Microsoft products, but did not consider Google Apps. Google said at the time, Google Apps was also certified by FISMA. However, the current results show that it is not.

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