Webmaster Affiliate Program

Webmaster Affiliate Program

to become one member of world leading software venders. Your commission of each sale by selling our products is even up to 75%. We will provide the best service with our partner Regnow to help you getting more profit. Our Regnow vendor code is 30923. Please feel free to contact us at affiliate@XtoYsoft.com if you have any questions.

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Why choose XtoYsoft affiliate program?

- Best software brings most profit
XtoYsoft is one of the most flexible and powerful DVD & Blu-ray copy & ripper software which are very easy to operate. We bet promoting it could bring you great profit.

- High commission
Earn even up to 75% commissions for each purchase by customers' referring through a link or banner on your website. Act now to make money with us!

- Best service
We will answer all the questions about our products within 48 hours by email. Our affiliate specialists provide our latest banner and introduce our new products to help you promote XtoYsoft effectively.

Why we choose to partner with Regnow?

- 100% guaranteed payment system
We partner with the world's leading software-specific affiliate network Regnow, You could be 100% sure to receive proper credit for driving a sale.

- Additional rewards you could get
The Affiliate Rewards Program hold by Regnow pays you more. You will get UP TO 2.5% in additional commissions for every sale you generate through the program. This is pure profit that goes right in your pocket!

- Flexible payments
Regnow accept all major credit cards, PayPal and international wires. You can receive your payment in one of over 25 currencies. Payments also are supported via ACH, wire, check or even on your own personal Visa Electron card.