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How to convert Blu-ray to PSP?

Do you have movies, music videos on Blu-ray that you want to watch on your PSP? If you have, XtoY Blu-ray to PSP Ripper, which is also called Blu-ray to PSP Converter, is the best tool for you to convert your Blu-ray contents and convert them to PSP quickly and smoothly. It has the ability to remove almost all known Blu-ray copy protections, and can output high quality PSP video and audio which work fairly well. What's more, the interface is concise and optimized so it's extremely easy to use. With XtoY Blu-ray to PSP Riper, entertainment can be anytime and anywhere!

Here is a step-by-step guide followed for reference to convert Blu-ray to PSP.


Step 1) Start up XtoYsoft Blu-ray to PSP Ripper

Step 2) Load Blu-ray disc

Insert your Blu-ray disc to BD drive (if you've saved it on your hard drive already, please click the arrow to load the root folder of this movie) for the ripping process.

Choose the region code (Where your Blu-ray disc has been released?)

Then the software will loading the files.

Next, choose the movie titles you want to rip. In this example, we choose Title 0. You can click Browse to choose another place to store the ripped video files.

Step 3) Start to rip

Just click Transform. The conversion will begin.
If you want to do more configuration about the software, you can click  at the right-top of the window.

After some minutes or hours later (depending on your PC's speed and the length of movie),you will get a message that the ripping process has completed successfully, then press the Finish button.

PSP is not only for music and games ,you can also watch high quality films on it, don’t waste time , get your own Blu-ray to PSP Ripper right now, make your PSP more excellent!

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