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How to convert DVD to Creative Zen?

Wish to transfer fantastic DVD movies to Creative Zen? Long for excellent video/audio output effect? No time to be wasted in waiting and easy to operate even for a newbie? Then XtoYsoft DVD to Creative Zen Ripper is your top choice. It can rip and convert any DVD including encrypted ones to Creative Zen compatible AVI format, with a click or two, in a fast speed. It is a really useful DVD to Creative Zen converter. Go ahead to have a look.

DVD to Creative Zen Ripper > Step 1: Start off DVD to Creative Zen and open source
You can free download DVD to Creative Zen Ripper, and install it smoothly. Start if off, you will see the following interface. The first thing you need to do is import DVD movie into Source by inserting DVD disc, choosing DVD folder or ISO image file on the hard drive of your computer.

And a pop up window will ask you to specify a region code for this DVD.

Select the region code, click OK, then the source movie is being loaded.

DVD to Creative Zen Ripper > Step 2: Make sure everything is OK for conversion
Once the source movie is opened, the longest title of the movie and the audio and subpicture streams of the title will be selected in default for conversion. If the default setting is not OK for you, you can freely change it. By the way you can choose as many titles as you like to convert with batch conversion supported. When you set up the titles, audio and subpicture streams, you can view the result in real-time with the title preview window on the right part of the interface.

DVD to Creative Zen Ripper > Step 3: Begin converting
After everything is OK, just click on Transform on the center of the main UI to trigger converting process. You should see the detailed data of the process including the current percentage, the elapsed time and left time of the task, with a progress bar, and particularly, with the preview movie pictures changing with different processing stages nearly every half minute.

That's all there is to it. It's clear to see from the above steps that convert DVD to Creative

Zen compatible AVI with DVD to Creative Zen Ripper is really easy. You might as well free download and try out it yourself! For more info, be certain to see Creative Zen

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