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How to Convert DVD to iPhone?

If you are DVD fan and iPhone user, XtoYsoft DVD to iPhone Ripper ( also known as DVD to iPhone converter) is definitely a good hand to help you get rid of all DVD copy protections to rip DVD movie for display on iPhone. Yes, there are many other apps you can use to fulfill this task, but I can assure you that this is the easiest and most convenient way available for now. Go ahead to have a look.

DVD to iPhone Ripper > Step 1: Run the program and import the source
Once you've download and install the app, just insert a disc or choose DVD folder or image file on the PC to import the movie as source. It's flexible.

Just choose a way to open source. You will definitely be prompted to specify a region code for the DVD. Choose a corresponding one then wait for a little while for the source be totally loaded. Note that you can check "Do not show again" on the bottom of the pop up to jump this.

Just specify the region code and wait a while when the source is being loaded.

DVD to iPhone Ripper > Step 2: Optional customization
After the source movie is opened, everything is set up in default. If you are not satisfied with the default setting, you can customize at your whim. You can choose another title other than the longest one for conversion, or just choose more titles to convert in batches; you can select your favorite audio tracks and subpicture streams for each selected title. At the same time, the title can be previewed in real time on the right part of the interface in the built in video player.

DVD to iPhone Ripper > Step 3: Convert with viewable progress
Now that everything is set up, just hit Transform on the center of the UI to start converting process. You can view a progress bar with accurate detail info, and preview the movie corresponding with each stage of the converting.

After several minutes, depend on the length of the movie and the title you have chose, you will get a MP4 format file with a high audio and video quality which is supported by your device.

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